Power Vac Services

Vacuum Service

  • Wet/Dry vacuum trucks
  • Grain, dust and wood chip removal
  • Sludge and slurry pumping
  • Tank cleaning
  • Hazardous / non-hazardous transportation
  • Pit and sump clean out
  • Catch basins

Hydro Vac

Daylighting or Hydro Vac excavation systems offer many advantages compared to traditional hydraulic-powered trenching and excavation machines. Our excavator systems use water and vacuum technology to quickly and cleanly blast through dirt and rocks to expose pipeline, utility and electrical systems or to open the ground for future work. Digging trenches using general excavation techniques  poses potential safety hazards when excavating around buried gas lines and hydro utilities. The Hydro Vac system provides a safe and non-destructive alternative to conventional backhoes or other mechanical means.

Uses include:

  • Pipeline tie-ins
  • Investigative slot trenching/potholing
  • Drain tile trenching
  • Line fault repairs
  • Visual confirmation of buried lines
  • Service and splice pits
  • Directional drilling test holes
  • Cathodic anode installation
  • Pipeline and utility crossings
  • Subsurface Utility Engineering
  • Road and box culvert cleanouts
  • Pipe-rammed casing cleanouts
  • Material removal from inside structures and buildings